The Yangshuo Fisherman 阳朔县


Day One: A local fishermen pulls in his catch on the Yulong River.

We came back to this spot everyday to find him throwing out his nets in the same stretch of water from sunrise to sunset. It was so inspiring to see just some of the dedication and hard work of the people here in rural China. As the rest of the world rushes by, we felt like Yangshuo was frozen in time. 


Day Two: After setting his nets down river a friend helps smack the water with his bamboo oar to startle the fish and make them swim straight into the trap.


Day Three: Last catch of the day.

I can't imagine the wonders this man must have witnessed during his years on the water. We sat and watched all evening as he drifted up and down, recasting his nets and filling his basket with fish, before eventually disappearing up river and away into the sunset.

Just another day in Yangshuo.


This sadly concludes our time in China. It was quite an experience! From the peaks of Huangshan to the endless Great Wall, all the way to the peaceful Yulong River. China has a lot to offer. It's not just big cities and busy streets, although there is a lot of that. And even though it can get incredibly crowded, even deep in the mountains, there is plenty of opportunity to find space all to yourself. I hope I was able to change your mind about this place and maybe surprise you with some of it's beauty, it sure surprised us!

See you on the next adventure!