Two Nights In Cape Town


Last Spring I found myself in Cape Town, South Africa for just two nights. I would be heading to a smaller town called Robertson in a couple of days but there were 48 hours to explore as much of this famous city as I could.


On day one, in the heat of the afternoon sun, I made my way to the top of Table mountain. It's about an hour of climbing up steps to reach the top, but the view is worth the effort! I sat on the edge, with my feet dangling hundreds of feet in the air, looking out over this beautiful city. The two days were worth it just for this view!

On the left of the photo below you can see the peak of another mountain called Lion's Head. From the water you can really see why it got that name! After spotting the paths snaking around the mountain we made a plan to switch places tomorrow morning and see what the view was like from that side of the city.


We soaked up the sun on the beaches at Cape Point for the rest of the afternoon before heading back to the hotel. With the alarms set for 5am I tried to make the most of a few hours of sleep before heading back out to Lion's Head for our first South African sunrise.

The next morning...


It always seems like a good plan the night before but as soon as that alarm sounds your mind has second thoughts about the whole idea! But I managed to drag myself out of bed and we drove to the bottom of the mountain just before the sky started to brighten.

By the time we got there we decided to save climbing to the top of the mountain for tomorrow morning and just stayed by the side of the road. Yes, this view is literally 10 metres from the road side. I just sat there in awe as the sun set the sky on fire. 

It's always worth it!


30 minutes later as the sun crept over the horizon it created a totally different view and I completely forgot about the pain of the early alarm just over an hour ago.


30 minutes later...


Some of the best moments are missed because we decide to stay in bed! Thankfully this morning wasn't one of those moments. We just had to climb to the top of the mountain before we left and I felt the trip would be complete.


24 hours later...

After another 5am wake up call we headed back out to Lion's Head for sunrise number two. As I climbed out of the car and looked up at the path I realised it was a lot steeper than it had looked two days before. I have to admit I started to have second thoughts again! But, it's always worth it! At least that's what I repeat to myself over and over again to convince myself to do these things.

I started to make my way up the path which is steep but thankfully easy most of the the way up. At the beginning of the hike you curve around the back of the mountain and look out over the Twelve Apostles and Cape Point. Another stunning view. Then you start to curve back and Cape Town should start coming back into view. However, on this occasion a huge bank of cloud decided to rush in from the ocean and obscure any view of anything! It poured in with the morning breeze as I reached the front of Lion's Head and I had to use my imagination to believe that the city was really down below me.

Surely I didn't wake up this early to climb up into the clouds!? As I got nearer to the top I was met by a set of chains and handle bars that I had to clamber up to finish the hike. With sleepy eyes and aching arms I somehow managed to pull myself up and over wondering whether it would be worth the effort.

A few more steps and I was at the peak. I wasn't sure what to expect but as I turned around and looked back where I'd just come from I saw one of the most stunning views I have ever seen and think I will ever see! While I was struggling to climb up the chains I'd come out from the bank of clouds and now stood above them on top of the Lion's Head. 

No photoshop.


I took a seat and watched the clouds roll in under me and then the sun rise above them. It's the most surreal moment in nature I have ever experienced.

Quite a way to end the short trip. I walked back down with a hop in my step and looked back up to Table mountain where I had been sitting just two days ago wondering what the view was like from Lion's Head. To this day I haven't had a moment quite like this one.


And that marked the end of my 48 hours. I packed up and hit the road.

If you ever have an opportunity to explore somewhere new, even if it's just for 2 days, take it! You never know what might happen.


Robertson, South Africa.