The best way to explore Europe


Whether you're hoping to explore every corner of one country or make your way around the whole of Europe in a single week! One word, Interrail.

As I was about to go into my second 'gap year' out of school I found myself on the Interrail website booking a global pass. Two days later I was in the middle of Europe exploring new cities, mountains and places that I had only ever dreamed about!


Bern, Switzerland


It's an experience that you just can't miss out on if you're a resident of Europe. The travel can be as organised or spontaneous as you make it. I spent my days looking at a train schedule and choosing a random place from the list. You can choose stay a few extra days in one place and rent a car to see more of the landscape. Or skip the train entirely for a week and just drive across Italy to get a different feel for the country. End the trip with one more train down to the South of France! That's at least what I decided to do. Because, that's Interrail! Do whatever you like! It's your ticket to explore.


Interlaken, Switzerland


Brienzer Rothorn, Switzerland


Vevey, Switzerland


Dolomites, Italy


Venice, Italy


Lake Garda, Italy


Travelling like this allows you to create such a unique trip that you just can't plan any other way. One day I was looking out over the Italian alps and the next my neck was aching from looking up at the epic gold cielings of Florence. 


Florence, Italy


When the hustle and bustle of the cities gets too much just pack up and escape to the warm waters off the south of France. 


Eze, France


If you have a longing to travel without the hassle and difficulties that can come with planning a big trip abroad, try Interrail. Honestly, some of my best memories from travelling have come from an Interrail pass and a sketchy itinerary. The perfect way to experience Europe and a real variety of cities and landscapes is to just jump on a train and see it all!