The City That Never Sleeps


New York, New York. The city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. The city so nice, they named it twice! Whatever name you know the city by I think it's safe to say everyone will recognise the bright lights and high rises that help make New York, New York. I spent 6 days exploring the big city, from night viewings on the Top of The Rock to golden hour on Brooklyn Bridge and it lived up to and surpassed every expectation. Come and explore New York with me!

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Times Square

Saying the city never sleeps is not over-exaggerating! These photos were taken at three or four in the morning while we were failing to get over the jet lag! I don't think I've ever felt further from the mountains and valleys that I'm used to! The lights, the sounds, the busyness. The buzz of New York never stops.


Central Park

One of the few quiet spots you can find. A beautiful escape from the hectic New York life. We spent the first day cycling in circles around the park finding all of the iconic spots used in films like Home Alone and Spider Man!


The Flatiron Building

On our way to the Empire State Building.


On top of the Empire State Building


A little hazy on the day but stunning none the less. I could have spent all day staring out at this view. I'd heard from a lot of people that the view from the Rockefeller Building was better, but I think it's definitely worth doing both! Photos from The Rock a little further down.


The Empire State Building


Painting on Pier 36

A candid moment on our way to Pier 36 for an East River boat tour.


Cruising on the East River

We jumped on a boat from Pier 36 for a great view of Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and of course the Statue of Liberty.  I wish I wrote down some of the history that they shared with us on the tour. It's incredible to find out the stories behind all of these iconic landmarks. Guess you'll just have to go and hear it for yourself now!


Under Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge


Lady Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is a figure of a robed woman representing Libertas, a Roman goddess. She holds a torch above her head with her right hand, and in her left hand carries a tabula ansata inscribed in Roman numerals with "JULY IV MDCCLXXVI" (July 4, 1776), the date of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue became an icon of freedom and of the United States, and was a welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from abroad.


Top of The Rock


Views Before Sunset

The beautiful views from the Rockefeller. Let me know in the comments which one you prefer! We made it up just in time for golden hour and watched as the city lights started turning on all around the city. We'd booked a Sun and Stars pass which meant we could go up before and after sunset so we headed back down to escape the hundreds of tourists pushing to get a selfie with the view. A little Instagram vs reality below!


Hudson Hotel Rooftop Terrace

Now we just needed to wait until it was dark before we headed back up. Hudson Hotel was the perfect place to pass the time giving us a little preview of the view from their roof top terrace and bar.


From the Rockefeller Building


Views After Sunset


Brooklyn Bridge Park

On our final day we headed out early in the morning to Brooklyn Bridge Park. I'd seen some beautiful shots on instagram of the lights reflecting in the river and didn't want to miss our last opportunity to see it for ourselves. On the right you have Brooklyn Bridge and the tallest building on the left is the 911 Memorial. Bear in mind this is before 5am and the city is already alive with the glow of people starting work or maybe still working form the night before! Boats travelled by and countless people jogged past us on their early morning runs.

The city never sleeps.


Between Night and Day

We spent the rest of the morning slowly making our way through the park as the sun replaced the moon. You can see the moon starting to set in the top left of the photo below as the sun started to make the buildings glow as golden hour began. 


Golden Hour on Brooklyn Bridge


Until next time New York!


Thank you for following the adventure!

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