Coffee with Joshua


I love coffee.

No, really, I LOVE coffee. I used to think I hated it, but I’ve learnt that I was just drinking bad coffee. These days I read books about coffee, watch videos about coffee and even listen to podcasts about coffee! I’m all in with this third wave stuff.

The thing is, beyond the incredible variety of flavours that you discover when you drink great coffee, there is an amazing process that it goes through to get from the farm to your cup.

As I’ve learnt more about the journey that coffee goes on before we consume countless cups a day, I’ve found a real appreciation for these little beans that fuel the world. Now, one of the most important parts when I’m planning a new adventure is knowing where to stop for the best coffee. I spend ages researching and finding some of the most popular coffee shops in each place. From names you might recognise, like Blue Bottle in New York, to some smaller, local favourites, like Yunnan Arabica Coffee in Yangshuo. Coffee has become a big part of my travels and I’m excited to start sharing that with you!


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