Where to have coffee in Yangshuo 阳朔


For me, one of the most important parts of exploring a new place is knowing where to stop for a great coffee on the way. I spend a lot of time researching and finding some of the most popular coffee shops in each area alongside some smaller, up and coming, local favourites. I've decided to start sharing my experiences and hopefully help save you some time in finding your next caffeine fix wherever you are in the world!

In this blog we’ll be exploring what China has to offer!

It may take you by surprise that speciality coffee even exists here! I read recently that instant coffee still makes up around 80 percent of China's coffee market. But, despite the stats it seems the third wave is beginning to take hold throughout the nation. So, if you find yourself in China in need of a great coffee, here are some of our favourites that you can find in Shanghai. Cheers!

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#1 Yunnan Arabica Coffee

A small and cosy coffee shop located just beyond the new shopping precinct on Chengzhong Road. It stands out in Yangshuo which doesn’t offer much on the coffee front, unless you count the new Starbucks! They serve mostly homegrown coffee, specifically from Yunnan province which produces some of most premium coffee in China.

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It has wifi and a nice relaxed atmosphere which was a welcome break from the tourist packed streets in town. The baristas also spoke good english and were happy to chat about the different coffee and methods available. We ordered one of the pour overs that they recommended which was delicious and took home a bag of the beans as well. If you’re hunting for the best coffee in Yangshuo, look no further!

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#2 Bird Tea Coffee

A little gem hidden within the Yulong River Scenic Area, just across the bridge from The Hidden Dragon Villa where we stayed during our time in Yangshuo. Each time we visited it was totally empty, which we enjoyed but thought it was a shame that everyone was missing out on some of the only good coffee you'll find in the area. The barista was really friendly and although she didn't speak much english we had fun trying to translate some conversation! There are a lot of the regular options available, plus some pour overs on the menu too. We also tried what was called Bird Tea Coffee which I think is basically coffee with milk and sugar. We pretty much started and ended our days sitting on the stalls outside making our way through their menu! 

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Asking for coffee in the local language

你好! 我要一杯咖啡。 (nǐ hǎo! wǒ yào yī bēi kā fēi.) — Hello! I would like a cup of coffee.

Types of coffee

拿铁 (ná tiě) — Latte

浓缩咖啡 (nóng suō kā fēi) — Espresso

卡布奇诺 (kǎ bù jī nuò) — Cappuccino

摩卡 (mó kǎ) — Mocha

美式咖啡 (měi shì kā fēi) — Americano

玛奇朵 (mǎ qí duǒ) — Macchiato

星冰乐 (xīng bīng lè) — Frappuccino

冷萃 (lěng cuì) — Cold brew

茶 (chá) — Tea

Sizes of coffee

小杯 (xiǎo bēi) — Short

中杯 (zhōng bēi) — Tall

大杯 (dà bēi) — Grande

超大杯 (chāo dà bēi) — Venti


Thanks for reading! If you know other coffee shops in China that we should add to the list, let us know in the comments below…