Print is not dead


As I started to unroll the new A2 print that the delivery guy had just handed to me, I wasn't too sure what to expect. I hoped to be pleasantly surprised. You see, I'd never seen my photos printed professionally at this scale and I was intrigued as to whether It would really capture the depth and quality of the photo that was on it. 

As the photo started to appear I breathed in the unique smell that only a fresh print could give you. Like when you walk into a bakery first thing in the morning. Freshly baked photos. Maybe that was my imagination, but I realised that was what it's all about. The excitement, intrigue, and the unknown that comes with ordering prints. The feeling of being a professional artist even if the only person to see your painting, was you! It's beautiful. 

The photo lay flat on the table. It wasn't great, it was awesome. It took me back to the moment the photo had been taken. The sounds and smells of the place. The feeling of being on an adventure and the joy of capturing it to look back on and remember forever.

I picked up the photo and moved it towards the light. I'd chosen to print with a new metallic finish so as the light bounced off the paper it shone as if it was made of gold. It was genuinely stunning.

I’ve read a lot of posts and articles on why print is dead and have been asked a number of times why I offer prints or if people really order them still. Before today, I think I agreed with those articles and questions. But today, I ordered a print.

There’s just no screen that gives you the feeling that rolling out a new photo gives you. Let’s be honest, no iPhone background or instagram post has ever done justice to a great photo. The ease of storing, sharing and looking at photos on digital displays has taken away the experience that photos were made to give. It sounds dramatic. But, as a photographer I want you to experience my work and be blown away by it. After staring at this metallic print for just a few seconds I realised that this was how I do that. This was the right way to experience photography.


Print is not dead. In my opinion it's one of the few things that truly bring a photo to life. 

Thank you for reading. If you agree, disagree or have any questions, let me know in the comments below!