Meet the makers: Joshua


Hi! I'm Joshua Earle, a twenty three year old photographer and creative based just outside of London in a town called Slough. You might recognise me from my work on unsplash that has been downloaded over one million times over the past three years. In my free time I travel around the world taking photos and when I get home I use those photos to make a difference.

I have been taking photos for almost 10 years since I got my first compact camera on my thirteenth birthday. Thanks Dad. Since then I have gained experience in almost every area of photography and realised early on that my passion was in telling stories rather than simply clicking a camera button. I love capturing memorable moments whatever the subject in front of the camera happens to be. From my first wedding when I was sixteen to doing work for the likes of Ikea in more recent years, I have always worked hard to capture the story behind every photo I take.

In January of twenty thirteen I found myself walking onto a plane ready to travel outside of the United Kingdom for the first time in my life. I was headed to Bogota, Colombia where I would really take hold of a dream that I have had since a little boy to travel around the world. Just a month later I found myself in Robertson, South Africa. Then France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy all in the same year. I started exploring the United States and made it to Miami, Arizona, Utah and Nevada in the summer of twenty sixteen. While I was in Arizona I got down on one knee in the incredible Antelope Canyon and proposed to the most beautiful girl in the world. Take a look. I've stood in awe as the Northern Lights painted the sky above me in Iceland and camped on top of a metre of snow below the famous Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland. 

It's not just to tick places off of my bucket list. It's the feeling, the freedom and the real stories that these places give me that make me want to travel. And it's that feeling and that freedom that I try to capture in my photos while I travel. I want to take photos that are like a breath of fresh air, taking you outside of the four walls of your office and letting your imagination go wild. Photos that take you to beautiful places around the world without you actually having to go there. From the beginning I wanted to take photos that made a difference.

A year after Bogota, I started building things with my photos. It started with a blog series called Exploring the Kingdom which featured the stories from every adventure I had been on so far. From there I built a simple store within the site where you could license my photos. A year after that I re-built the store and made it possible for you to choose how the money from every purchase would be used, which became the start of taking photos that made a real difference. Now, with you here, reading this, it marks the next step on this journey. Welcome to More Than Just Photos.