Mistakes Are Good


Everyone wants to find the path to success, right? To take out the things that slow them down and add the things that will help them get to their dream destination. Here is why, despite popular belief, I think you should leave making mistakes in your list of things to keep.

I would say that my biggest mistake in life has actually been being scared of making mistakes.

In my career as a professional photographer, I have learnt that the key to being successful is not in taking mistakes out of the equation. It is just being sure that you are only making new ones.

If we try and build a life or business mistake-free then who would relate to it in this imperfect world? And if no one relates, who cares?

I have to admit, I make a lot of mistakes. Every time I work on a new project or go on another trip for my blog, I do things wrong and wish I had done something different. I wish I woke up that little bit earlier and caught the sunrise. I wish I made the effort to climb to the other side of that mountain. I wish I took the time to re-position the shot to get a more perfect photo.

Now, if I see these things as mistakes rather than lessons I will just cook up frustration and disappointment. And in the beginning that is what I would always end up doing. I would never feel satisfied with my work and was finding it hard to be happy with the things I was creating. But recently I decided to replace the word mistake with lesson. Now I don’t make mistakes, I learn lessons. I don’t try and stop making mistakes I just work hard not to have the same problems that I faced before.

When something doesn’t go to plan or you mess something up just make sure you learn from it and only make that same mistake once. Don’t be scared of mistakes, use them.